Do you need an online agency?

Your Online Presence

Consider that 89% of the Canadian population browse the internet on a daily basis. They browse with Google (49.38%), Safari (28.91%) and Firefox (6.38%). Your digital presence is a must if you want to showcase your company’s products or services. Retailers know that 80% of buyers start by searching the web (it’s 90% for B2B).

It’s not only about clients and prospects. Both banks and insurance companies, for example, browse the internet to find you before granting a loan or while underwriting your insurance policy. 

It’s about your business visibility and credibility.

 If your clients are businesses you may probably think that it’s all about relationships, and you don’t need a website. Or you probably only have a Facebook page, with a few followers, and you don’t feel a website is necessary.

That might be true at the beginning. No matter what industry you’re in, when you start growing you’ll probably start feeling the pressure of keeping on top of things. Your book-keeping, feeding your sales funnel, making the next payroll, collecting from delinquent clients, adding to your website a new product or service, writing that long-delayed blog. And the list goes on.

Putting your time to a better use

How are you keeping up with it all? Is your website showing up in the SERP (search engine results page) or are you way behind? Do you even have the time to check how many people visit your page? Is your page loading fast? Are you selling more?

You already decided that your time should be focused on growing your business and having more time to spend with your family and friends. You understand that delegation is your solution. Now, should you hire or outsource?

Consider this...

These are some factors to consider when engaging the services of a digital marketing agency:

  • Cost-effectiveness: You are efficiently committing to an hourly allotment of time that meets your exact needs, so you are not paying for time that you don’t need. And you focus on the critical priorities per month.
  • Scalability: as you grow you can scale up the firm’s resources. Or, if you are in a growth plateau or you need to downsize your marketing budget, you can quickly scale those services down.
  • Direct access to expertise and tools: marketers spend countless hours keeping up to speed with technological changes, they are aware of the latest digital tools that help improve SEO for their clients. Moreover, the exposure to multiple clients’ needs has a cumulative learning effect that you could use to your advantage.
  • A marketer approach: if you engage a digital marketing firm in a collaborative relationship, they will see your client value proposition, help you understand your online competition, define your audience and assess challenges in a different light to you. This rich interaction will lead to better thinking, updated insights, optimized approaches, and new opportunities.

Can you think of reasons why not to outsource your digital marketing needs? Let us know.

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