Did you choose the right agency?

In our last blog we concluded that as a business owner you most probably need a digital marketing agency. But how to choose the right agency?

The right agency for your marketing budget

There are several factors to consider. Let’s start by talking money.

You have to understand what you need. What is the budget that you are willing to allocate to your digital marketing efforts? You don’t need to figure out this by yourself. Explaining what you’re trying to achieve allows an excellent agency to match their skill set to your needs. Being honest with the agency regarding your budget allows marketers to assess what they can deliver for that money. Furthermore, a transparent initial conversation will help narrow down if you need to work with specialists. In upcoming blogs we will give you insights on some benchmarks that will help you better assess budget considerations.


Being honest with the agency regarding your budget allows marketers to assess what they can deliver for that money

What is the agency core strength?

Find in the agency’s site what is their client value proposition, in other words, what’s in it for you? It is vital that you have a clear understanding of what you need. Are you getting an extremely creative agency, with great branding skills? Or are they social media experts? Do they specialize in having your digital presence rank in the first page of the search engine results? See what their core strength is and align it with what you are looking for. If you don’t have clarity on what you need, a great digital agency that specializes in strategy should be your first choice.


Let’s not consider large consulting firms that seem to be the jack of all trades; they tend to deliver a one size fits all solution with no pledge for results.

Should the agency be large or have fewer employees?

In this changing environment where gig work is the order of the day, size doesn’t matter. On the contrary, larger agencies have fixed costs that necessarily translate in higher rates for their clients. That’s why some agencies prequalify their prospective clients; for instance, they might require a minimum marketing budget of $4,000 a month for a 3 month-campaign.

Award winning agency!

They won awards three years in a row! Now, stop and ask. What are those awards about? Why were those awards granted, for who and how? Just ask about their average performance, what is their click-through rate? How many leads have they generated for their clients, year to date? Agencies focused on the return of the investment of your marketing dollars are the ones that matter. Here are some facts, Sprout Social’s research found 80% of marketers stated raising brand awareness as their primary goal. Unfortunately lead generation and sales comes fourth in their priorities.

goals graph image

Do they understand your business?

Most agencies should understand your business, regardless of the industry. The great thing about working with an agency is that they bring ideas and initiatives applied in different industries. This cross-pollination will undoubtedly bring what they’ve learned to the table. On the other hand, you don’t want an agency that works for your competitors, right? I’ve seen some agencies working within a financial services niche, where all their client’s websites look the same. They created a template and then replicated it. Definitely cheaper for their clients!

Some other considerations that we’ll address in future posts;

  • Is your agency local or at least Canadian?
  • If you have finalists, chose the one you feel best with, go with your gut, generation a good relationships is not always easy
  • When reviewing a Statement of Work make sure frequency of status updates is included as a key deliverable. Does the agency request a contract?
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